How's the NEX-6 viewfinder compared to the NEX-7?

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Re: How's the NEX-6 viewfinder compared to the NEX-7?

Frytek wrote:

uhligfd wrote:

I use the NEX 7 with glasses (I am farsighted) and I can only use it without the rubber eyecup. This because the included eyecup puts my eye too far back to see/view the whole frame.

One problem with my now cupless viewfinder is that the surface of the "naked viewfinder" scratches my glasses something fierce. I had to replace the glasses after a short period of "naked viewfinder" use.

To overcome this I got some sticky felt pad and cut out pieces that cover the rim of the bare viewfinder. After a few cutting sessions, the current one has been on and working well for several months now.

Reverse engineering at its best ...

Another problem for me is that the viewfinder definitely need a much higher eye point (maybe 30 mm instead of its 20 current mm) to work completely for me, I still have to move my eye around to get the whole view. But it is much better now than before with the cup.

Sony: redesign the finder for (1) soft edges and (2) larger eye point and I would be much more happy and content.

Could you show me how it looks? I need to do sth similar..

I too was worried about scratching my glasses if I took the rubber cup off. My solution was to chop off most of the rubber and rubbing it smooth with different grades of sand paper (well, wet & dry actually). This compromise between no eye cup and the regular one works well for me.

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