Canon lover switched to RX-100, and it was terrible! Need advice....

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Re: Canon lover switched to RX-100, and it was terrible! Need advice....

Robert Anderson wrote:

I recently upgraded from Canon s95 to the Sony RX100 and my experience has been just the opposite of yours. I find the RX100 to be far superior in every case, especially noise.

Could you please post some sample images that you are unhappy with? I am curious to see them.

Here are some comparison shots I did:

Thanks - these are one of the most relevant comparison shots, I've seen.

Let me try to explain in detail how *I* see these two shots (comparing at 1:1 resolution):

-> Both have significant background noise

-> The S95 also has a little foreground noise, while the RX-100 does not

If I were to make a simple comparison of the two, I'd say, yes, the noise looks worse on the S95.

BUT.... but.... there's a big catch in the comparison:

The S95's picture has much greater focal depth - the background in the S95 is in focus, which is one reason the noise there seems so jarring.  The background in the RX-100 shot is completely blurred out.  This gives a smoother quality to the background noise and makes it definitely less objectionable than the S95 case... but...

background focus costs you - it's hard to do (photon-wise) - and it's what I'm aiming for.  I'm almost always trying to take shots where the foreground and background are both in focus, which on the RX-100 means going for F8-F11, which makes it more difficult to avoid noise.  So perhaps comparing similar ISOs seems fair at one level but not at another level... because one camera may need a higher ISO in the same setting - if you took that same shot with the RX-100 and had a goal of keeping the background in focus as well, you might find the noise was a lot worse.

On a related note, I saw some posts of an S95/SD950 images at higher ISOs that looked horrible, and my reaction was just like the people reacting to my RX-100 results - Whoa!  I've never seen images like that from my camera!  Those are horrible.  I'd never keep images like that.  But the catch is, I haven't had to use high ISO on those cameras...

Depth of focus aside, I'd say this is an important example for me, because it's a reminder of what I've definitely observed - the RX-100 does get really good, noise free images within a narrow focus range.  It's really only outside the focus that you get noise.

Thank you Robert.  This is an important post.

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