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nic0lex wrote:

i recently just purchased a brand new canon t3, this would be my first DSLR camera.. i have always used point & shoot, i was wondering if anyone could recommend any good books that will help me learn about exposure and overall how to work a DSLR to the best of it's ability.

i have read the manual, now i'm just looking for tips

thanks in advance for your help!

A lot depends on how deeply you wish to dive in. You can take the blue pill and you wake up reading a few books and practice until you finally settle on understanding depth of field and using your camera in A mode which is one of the automatic modes.

Take the red pill and I'll show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. You can start off with Bryan Peterson's Understanding Exposure, then move into Ansel Adams' three books called The Camera, The Negative and The Print where you get the basics of The Zone System. You can also Google The Zone System and learn how it applies to modern photography. Once learned, you'll be far and ahead of most who own and use cameras. The controls just become easy ways to choose your settings, but they don't supply the settings. You do and it won't matter how you get there. You'll be able to walk up to a scene and within a short time know exactly what exposure you want or need to accomplish what you wish to create. No guess-work or mystery.

On is fairly easy and one had a bit of a learning curve. It's not rocket science though, either way.

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