Poll: Is intelligent/ programmable Auto ISO an important feature for future FW updates?

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Re: NO I can live with it

mngsmt wrote:

BurpeesAreHard wrote:

b) If you have an X-E1 you select Auto (400) OR if you have an X100, ISO->Auto ISO Control->ON with a value of 400, AND in either case, a base ISO of 200. So now you have a mere two stops of latitude within your Auto-ISO settings.

It looks to me like you are making up a ridiculously useless scenario just for the sake of saving your argument. Your example is the same as saying you'd limit your shutter speed between 1/1000 and 1/2000.

Isn't it always prudent to validate a design against the edge cases ?

The usefulness of the auto ISO feature shows itself precisely because the noise in newer sensors is so well controlled that for any given amount of available light you just don't have to care for which ISO you (or the camera) chooses.

I'm sure some day far in the future when I'm cruising across the desert in my flying car I will think back on what a prescient individual old mngsmt turned out to be. Today is not that day.

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