Olympus OM-D 12-50 or 14-42

Started Feb 5, 2013 | Questions thread
paultakeda Senior Member • Posts: 1,782
If size, then 14-42.

bcjensen wrote:

I think my main concern is size but it sounds like everyone thinks the performance is worth the size sacrifice. I am switching do m43 from a small nikon d40 which basically lives with a 50 1.4 attached to it. I do want something that feels smaller and it seems like the 12-50 will still fit the bill.

The 14-42 is a gem of a lens that tends to be derided simply because it's not a prime and isn't a fast lens. If size is your priority then you will be happier with the 14-42. The advantages of the 12-50 exist but based on your preference I do not think they outweigh the size advantage of the 14-42.

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