14-24mm suitable for forest light ray shots? (flare..)

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Re: 14-24mm suitable for forest light ray shots? (flare..)

Here's some comparison shots (forget any bias you may have about Ken Rockwell - sometimes what he presents may not be scientific, but is otherwise useful)


(Scroll down on that page)

So that's shooting directly into the (partly shaded) sun, and there's not a lot of difference in the lenses tested.  What's not covered is shooting off-angle to the sun (with the sun out of the frame), where a more bulbous front element (ie Nikkor 14-24 or the Tokina 16-28) is going to be much more susceptible to flare than a lens with smaller front element, and more difficult to shield with your hand etc.

I suspect that the biggest advantage the D600/800/E may offer for the type of shot you posted over the D300 is increased base ISO dynamic range, the ability to avoid blowing highlights while being able to recover shadow detail.  But unless you need the ergonomics of a D300 class camera (for other shooting), then there's not much point waiting for a D400 (if one is ever made) as the newer Nikon Dx cameras have better base ISO DR than the D300 and will do the job.  For example, at ISO 100, a D7000 has about 1.2 stops more "usable" DR than a D300, a D800E increases this a further 1.2 stops or so.

(it's not all bad news for the D300 - it still has about the same DR at ISO 100 as the latest Canon 5D Mk III)

The new 18-35 might be a good low-cost alternative, despite "nano-coating" not being mentioned in the specs.

The 16-35VR price gives me a headache.

The Tokina 16-28 looks interesting, but Photozone comments about sample variability is not encouraging.

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