GXR is not dead -new modules to come

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Re: GXR is not dead -new modules to come

sroute wrote:

Just to kill off one thing: I own a Ricoh GXR, Mount A12, VF-2, and a bunch of Zeiss and Voigltlander glass so my interest in this subject isn't borne of mere curiosity from afar.

The K-01 and "Adventure Proof" camera postings are not examples of straw man arguments.

Our discussion caused me to look for news releases relating to the company. It's a short result list. The postings are simply examples of news Pentax Ricoh Imaging Company have released in the last year. There's been precious little coming out of PRIC and what has been coming out of PRIC hasn't been terribly interesting to this observer / Rioch GXR owner.

Ok, I get you.

From my end I was involved with Ricoh to the degree that I got offered to be on a short list of people to be given unreleased products for evaluation and feedback directly to Ricoh. Unfortunately the Pentax take over turmoil and the shift of Ricoh sales rep to the former Pentax division ensured that I lost that opportunity. Since I had worked with and used Ricoh products for quite a few years I was a "good candidate". But more importantly it was due to my contacts, of course.

Knowing what ever little I know about Ricoh disclosure policy I get honestly fed up with threads about the imminent demise of Ricoh as a camera producer.

I also feel that they are way over due with releases but there were factors to be considered what with the flooding in Thailand of factories supplying key components which made such an impact and caused further delay, as did the earth quake in Japan, to some extent.

I wish I could light a fire under it but I have no influence in that niche camera maker called Ricoh and their sluggish way of churning out the goods. All I know is that IF they were going to cease camera production period they would inform us and not just wait for everyone to lose interest (even if many are due to lack of information) and slowly fade away.

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