Canon lover switched to RX-100, and it was terrible! Need advice....

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Re: RX100 Action shot indoors at night

krugman wrote:

Nexu1 wrote:

Jeff D can you post some pictures please. Your comments go against what 99% of people are finding.

I am wondering why the op should post pictures. He simply doesn't like the RX100.

Why not accept that fact and help the OP find a camera he does like?

Trying to talk him out of what he likes and what he dislikes using logic and evidence will convince you but not the OP.

Different strokes for different folks.

At least that how I see it.

On the other hand, as a defense of the RX100, I think this thread is very good.


I apologize for being slow to post pictures, respond to pictures, etc. You guys have been such wonderful help, that there's now 100 of you helping and only one of me to reply. : I'm barely able to keep up with giving close examinations to the photos that you folks are posting, but it's VERY useful information. For example, these posted photos have provided proof that at high ISO, CMOS sensors CAN have less noise than CCD based cameras, although it doesn't necessarily explain why the Sony is always forcing itself into high ISOs and underexposed settings. Someone also explained why in low ISO settings, image suppression created artifacts in RX-100 JPEGs, explaining my bookshelf example. I have also seen some examples of RX-100 shots that have less noise than what I typically get, but it's hard to tell whether this actually means mine has some issues because it's hard to compare different scenes. So I am not dead set against the RX-100, although I'm disappointed with the image quality I'm getting from mine. (For example, if I took a photo in the dark at night, all you'd see are lights, or at best a VERY grainy image.)

But all these posted photos are worth a wealth of information - worth far more to me than anything I can see online. Far more than any professional review comparison.

So to all of you, I apologize for not keeping up with all your wonderful responses - I am slowly working my way through all of this. I haven't even bought the S95 as a low end alternative yet, because I'm trying to weigh in everything you folks say..  It was also nice seeing those photos from the really large sensor cameras, the RX-1 and G1-X.

Let me remind a little of the context of my question:  I'm not here to debate the absolute merits or importance of image noise in a vacuum - yes, I'd rather have a horribly noisy shot than no shot at all, and some of my fondest memories are those ancient 320x200 15-second videos that look like they are shot in a snow storm.  I'm trying to see if it is possible with modern cameras to do as well or better than the final crop of CCD cameras from 2007-2010,  because my single point data sample was quite discouraging.  Either way, I need a new camera.  If I'm crazy, great!  That means I can indeed get a better camera.  If it's just not possible, then fine, at least I have you folks who I trust to say I did all I could and this is the best I can expect.

WRT my original goals, here's what I'm looking at for a true pocketable camera:


S110 (thanks to the person who showed comparison shots on the S110)

another RX-100 (Not off the table, but you can see why it's a little harder of a sell - pay double for something I already had issues with. If mine's broken then it's probably worth it, but so far, what I've read in everyone's replies about working RX-100's leaves me a little inconclusive.)

I don't know if there's really any other cameras actually small enough to fit in your pocket... Any of the Lumix's have great picture quality?

Then, to do a little better, I'd look for a slightly larger camera, but if I'm going to lug it around, it has to do noticeably better than the pocket camera, and be able to zoom while shooting video. You guys have given me a lot to think about on that... G12, G15, G1X, etc...

So hang in there, folks, I'm working on it... By no means am I tuning out ANY of your comments. I'm reading every word and viewing every photo ... gradually....

- Jeff

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