looking for cheap full-frame lenses

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Reilly Diefenbach
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Re: looking for cheap full-frame lenses

The 24-85VR is a good, lightweight zoom which is razor sharp center to mid.  When I say razor sharp, I mean close to 4000 lwph per Photozone:


The sides and corners are soft.  Boo hoo.  For $350 on Ebay unused, you could hardly go wrong.  Your next move would be the 24-120 which is a a little better, but not in your budget by a long shot.  The 50D is soft and flarey wide open, the 50G is sharp from the get go.  So there.  $575?

The 35-70 2.8 isn't up to the D800e, or at least the unit I had wasn't.  It's washed out wide open and has incurable CA all over the place. And it's heavy.

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