PL25 vs. Leica M 50/1.4 Summilux?

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Re: Besides the differences in image rendering the focal length will be totally different...

BingoCharlie wrote:

Pasmia wrote:

lambert4 wrote:

If I am not mistaken the PL25 is a 50mm based on 35mm equivalence, effectively making the Leica 50mm a 100mm when used on m4/3.


No sources, just math. The Leica 50mm is a full frame lens. Use it on the M43 crop sensor and the M43 camera will shoot it like it's a 100mm lens.

Read this this morning without coffee.... i promised myself I wouldn't do that anymore.  Anyways, I interpreted "35m equivalence" as a 35mm lens.  I thought you were talking about the lens construction or something being based on a 35mm lens rather than a 50mm.... you know what, nevermind. lol

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