GXR is not dead -new modules to come

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Re: GXR is not dead -new modules to come

SubieRun wrote:
Since you did not put on your reading glasses I will clarify it for you:

Ricoh sales rep has now been handed over to an entirely different company. The guy at Ricoh is a childhood friend of mine and a long time Ricoh employee. Not very deep throat guy - but someone in the loop. Now his colleague is OUT of the loop for over a year so NO - there is no more inside info for me.

I did read your post and understood it perfectly which is why mine still stands. What I can't understand is how you failed to miss the meaning of mine?

We are not talking about how you got info in the past. At this point you yourself have said you have no reliable information pipeline to Ricoh insider information. Why even bother mentioning the info access you once had? You get no special divine insight on the rumours spread by others by virtue of a past relationship which no longer is fruitful.

Nothing has changed, there is exactly as much known today about Ricoh's plans for the GXR and other such products as was known this time last year.


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