GXR is not dead -new modules to come

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Re: GXR is not dead -new modules to come

sroute wrote:

And do you know of anything coming down the pike from your usual deep throat source?


I rest my case.

Since you did not put on your reading glasses I will clarify it for you:

I have always gotten accurate info before, about two to three months before actual product release.

In the case of the A12 M mount I knew about it half a YEAR before release. I got misinformed about it being an A16 mount. I turned out that the A16 mount was in fact the zoom lens.

I knew about the zoom lens and was initially very interested in it until I learned that it was quite large, not so fast and power zoom/zoom by wire. This I learned only a few weeks prior to release.

Ricoh sales rep has now been handed over to an entirely different company. The guy at Ricoh is a childhood friend of mine and a long time Ricoh employee. Not very deep throat guy - but someone in the loop. Now his colleague is OUT of the loop for over a year so NO - there is no more inside info for me.

Also, I honored him by not publicly announcing it on the internet. But I knew, and let a few guys know too.

The only reason I am comfortable telling anyone openly about the fact that I DID have info is because the persons supplying that info is no longer working with the product portfolio.

I would never tell YOU anything but if I had any info I might tell SOME people offline and let them decide whether to spread it or not. I can't control that.

I rest MY case.

By the way, I still have great Fuji contacts. But that is another story. With the risk of slipping my tongue I don't even read the Fuji forum.

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