GXR is not dead -new modules to come

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Re: GXR is not dead -new modules to come

Not sure which post you are responding to, but I am the one asking if you have received a hot tip from your usual sources. If not, then lets agree the status quo exists - no news, no product. It's been that way for a very long time. The only camera company with less news than Ricoh Pentax is Kodak and they are deader than road-kill.

SubieRun wrote:

I think that you cannot rely on sales reps for final info but I am also sure they know more than they say unless it is a hired bimbo och jombo sitting in the booth just handing out brochures.

Sales reps are motivated by their compensation plan and nothing else. Sales managers design compensation plans around performance, and sales performance can only be had if you sell what is on the truck.

Sales reps are usually the last to learn of major developments because their managers, or their manager's managers and their executive bosses, don't want them blabbing about new developments to prospective clients.

Prospective clients don't buy old product (the stuff that is "on the truck") once they hear there is something shiny and new coming.

The very best way of keeping a lid on such problems is to keep the sales team uninformed and in many if not most sales organizations that is exactly what they do.

(My experience is in high tech sales for several Fortune 500 companies)

I also know that if they value their non disclosure policy and their jobs they know better than to leak info when told not to.

Some rep meets a camera enthusiast at a show. Enthusiast asks, hopefully, "is there anything new coming?"

A rep can always answer yes without risk of being fired. And a rep that works for a consumer products company knows they can answer yes without risk of being too wrong, because there is always something coming down the road.

A rep talking to walk-in Joe Sixpack buyers prospects and tire kickers has no meaningful credibility to lose (rep will never meet Joe Sixpack again more than likely), which is a completely different proposition than a rep talking to buyers of major retailers. When you start to get info from retailers, then its time to believe it. On a show floor? Fuggedaboutit.

Truth is he or she probably doesn't know, unless there is something about to be released. It just doesn't make sense to inform the sales team about consumer products until things are close.

Put more simply, everyone says yes, whether there is something coming or not, and whether they know the details or not. Said rep doesn't say "no" because that invites an unpleasant discussion with some nobody on the show floor. Who wants that?

Would you spill your company beans left and right just to please people Ratty? Didn't think so.

The rep isn't spilling anything.

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