Epson r3000 Can't Read a New Cartridge

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Re: Epson r3000 Can't Read a New Cartridge

jtoolman wrote:

Mike Dobbs wrote:

Gave the text Chat support a try this time. Though they found the ticket history and stated a delivery was returned to them, they could not determine why.

Referred me to the Customer Relations group. They stated the courier Puralator attempted a delivery on a day in January...but they do not leave any notices at the address!! so it seems Epson has now paid for multiple (3+) deliveries, each returned with out notifying me. They refuse to send the carts via another shipper or even postal service.They refuse to offer me a credit towards purchasing the replacement carts locally (which would have saved them much money and me the hassle).

So we begin yet another round of wait & see. This time Epson promises to provide me with a tracking number as soon as the courier provides one. Then I can work with Puralator directly...oh joy!

I used to think Epson was a great company prior to this nonsense.

Does Purelator provide tracking with their shipments?

If so, then they will say that should have been there, if they do not provide Tracking, then you have a case.

As far as you chip recognition problem that is really odd that it's happened so often. Were the carts through Amazon of a third party company through Amazon?

on my previous calls with TechSupport, they stated they could not provide me with tracking numbers as that was a different dept with Epson that handles shipping. Only after the deliveries failed did they seem to have a tracking number.

Carts were purchased through Amazon...they were the first sets for the R3000 that became available on the site. It is always possible they are knock-offs as the counterfeit market must be pretty lucrative. Epson did not request return of the failed carts for investigation. The error message is detailed in the Epson troubleshooting section for my printer...but it just says to remove and reset it...then call tech support if not fixed.

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