GXR is not dead -new modules to come

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Re: GXR is not dead -new modules to come

sroute wrote:

Gerd Waloszek wrote:

I am not sure whether I should be happy with this news.

What was said doesn't qualify as "news". A comment from a low level sales rep at a local event does not a corporate commitment make.

There is no news. No official news. No leaks of any substance. Nothing.

Everything is exactly as it was yesterday, last month, and last year. Nothing.

Well, you are wrong here.

Ricoh representative from higher up in the food chain actually said during an recent interview for a Japanese magazine that there ARE new releases for this year, 2013. When pressed on what to expect he was smilingly unwilling to disclose exactly what to expect (as Ricoh usually are) but when Japanese corporate representatives uses words like "we are coming back strong" it is enough to raise an eyebrow.

As for low level sales reps don't underestimate them.

I knew the A12/28mm was coming before it was announced.

I knew the exact release date for the A12 M module ahead of time. I also knew there was going to be one before the media did - I did not know about specifics (sensor size etc) but this info came from a vendor of Ricoh products who was the second best seller of Ricoh gear and his country and was told about the M module by the Japanese Ricoh reps visiting his country wanting to know why and how he was so successful for being such a small scale vendor yet being the second best selling Ricoh outfit.

I also had a friend working Ricoh office equipment who had a colleague next door in charge of Ricoh camera products and he usually knew something was up and he could "hint" a little before actual release but I am sure he knew more than I got to know.

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