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Re: Monitor for Photo Processing

VT,  You've done a lot of research and maybe read too much into on-line calibration tests and the vendors documentation.

And if you only display you're probably done. But most of us print and want to make adjustments that showup in the prints.

I that case one could argue that color accuracy, to the printer, is all the matters.  Most folks on a budget only print via sRGB, therefore no other gamut matters.   If your display is slightly short of full sRGB gamut but calibrated to be accurate, you will see much better correspondance to prints than a wider gamut that is not calibrated.   So, one could say that good-enough calibration yields better prints than a better display. (within reason)

If your target for images is the net, then I'm not sure why any of this discussion matters.  The vast majority of displays are far away from any standards and the applications used are not color managed.  (consider what we see in posts here in these forums)

Here's my budget approach.  Sony 17" 16:9 Viao laptop with an AMD graphics card.   Display easy on the eyes, but much less then sRGB gamut.  Cheap Colormunki and calibrate every two weeks.  Load Lightroom with the profile given to me by my local printshop.  (reason for graphics card = Luts for calibration and support for a second display)  This takes me about 5mins when the software reminds me.

When I compare the soft-proof in Lightroom with a print in hand they look the same.  No as much the same as a friends professional system, more than sufficent to my needs.

Be careful:  perfection is the enemy of the good.

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