Extemely serious issues affecting Macs

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Re: I agrre about iTunes/Applestore

Than back-up is what? You need to download every app you have again from Applestore (couldn't find a way to keep them installed).

I've never had to do that and I have seven different iOS devices.

But the system never tells you that, only after you have done an update you realize everything is gone. And what about controllling which music you want in the iPad and not on the iPhone, for example, what a nightmare.

Yeah, having to click on what you want from a list or adding to a playlist, what a nightmare.

How I wish I could have the music and books in the home computer, as files, just copy and paste of delete and that's it.

Funny... my music and my books are just files sitting on my computer. What are yours if they are not files?

Too bad Windows is even worse in terms of stability, etc.

So all these moans about how terrible OSX is and it turns out it's the best option out there....

At least 99% of the time, once you have gone through the wilderness, it works relatively well. The hardware is first class, no doubt.

At least we agree about something.

But Apple should get rid of iTunes and make managing files of music and stuff more transparent and basic.

iTunes works okay, it's just inflexible. If you want to drag and drop you can't.

So keep iTunes but allow some drag and drop functionality as a side function

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