Another strange bug with D4, possibly D800!?!?

Started Feb 5, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: It's only about AF-lock, but exposure is also affected

Roland Schulz wrote:

As described I want to lock AF when AF-ON is held and a8 is set to "AF-LOCK only". But AE seems also to be affected in that configuration. You can see the exposure time changing after releasing the AF-ON button after recompose. That mustn' t happen, that's the bug. AE must be independent and continusly working when using AF-ON in the described configuration.

This "AF-lock only" phenomen is not specific to the D4 but a fact with my D3s, D7000 and D800 as well. It will also happen using AF-S, focus lock with the shutter, recompose, fire shutter, let go of the shutter, refocus the same object and fire again. The exposure will be altered as soon as the focus lock is released.

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