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Re: Product Photography Lighting Question
Could you post one of your failed shots, plus a view showing your whole setup?
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View of setup from side

View of setup from front with lights toed in just a little

As above, but with the lights turned on

A setup I sometimes use. The camera goes right in between them with the subject against the background.

Overhead view of above setup.

Example shot #1 (no PP). This is with the lights pointing straight at it as in the setup shown in the previous picture. Notice the reflections of the lights in the middle area on the glossy surface of this album. The upper edge is a bit darker as well.

The above shot after PP. Notice the reflections in the middle around his sleeve and coat shoulder from the lights.

Example shot #2 (no PP). This is with a setup closer to the first setup I showed above, with the lights toed in just a bit, sort of with the right light pointing toward the left edge of the cover, and the left light pointing toward the right side of the album as I think someone mentioned to do above. Note how the light reflections have moved toward the edges of the album, around where the foreground Christmas tree and holly are, respectively.

Example #2 after PP. The reflections are still there of course, and we find the middle of the vertical edges have disappeared into the white background.

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