Focal Zoom Lenses for Lumix GH3?

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Re: Focal Zoom Lenses for Lumix GH3?

Ron Outdoors wrote:

motionfull wrote:


I just received my GH3 and now looking for lenses that have some focal zoom and would be fit for videos too. General use indoors (interviews) and some scenery. Here are some suggestions that were made to me. Budget around $500. Kindly provide your feedback and comments:

Olympus 12-50mm/f.3.5-6.3? $500 at store.

Panasonic 14-45/f.3.5-5.6 at $350 at store.

Panasonic 14-140/f.4-5.8 for $619 on Amazon.

Panasonic 100-300mm f/4.0-5.6 for $500 on Amazon/$700 at store.

Thank you.

I wouldn't recommend the Olympus, as there would be no image stabilization on your camera.

The 14-45 has excellent image quality and is a good value.

The 14-140 is probably the best all around wide range zoom lens for Pan. Not the best IQ, but does everything well.

The 100-300 is a super telephoto lens. Great for shooting birds and other small or distant subjects. A little specialized for general use, unless that's what you are looking for.

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Ron, Thanks for your reply. Again, as I said above, I appreciate you helping me second time now when I changed my zoom requirement and budget. As a beginner I am learning while reading and asking and hopefully when I start shooting very soon. I will consider your tips.

The 100-300 should not be on my list It is not what I want actually. I'll try to remove it from my question.

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