XE1+35mm vs Leica M Monochrom + Lux 50

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Re: XE1+35mm vs Leica M Monochrom + Lux 50

Clint Dunn wrote:

Al Valentino wrote:

Clint Dunn wrote:

You are probably seeing the difference between 'spot metering' and 'evaluative metering'. I would bet that the Leica metered off of the shirt, resulting in the blown highlights in the skylight, while the Fuji did not use spot metering.

Personally I like the look of the Leica file better (from an exposure point of view).

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Perhaps. However, what about using DR200 or if necessary DR400 on the fuji to hold back the blown highlights. This is a very useful feature and one of my favorites since I was shooting many bracketed sets of raw with my Nikon to make HDR's whereas now in most cases I can shoot a RAW with the appropriate DR settings to harness excessive highlighting.

Regardless of the look that one prefers, the versatility for handling these conditions is greater for the fuji, plus is can shoot color (sorry I couldn't resist that last line).

Also, fuji glass although not in the same league as Leica, is reasonably close, closer than other mirrorless rivals. Some Zeiss is add a few options for use as well.

Valentino...you don't have to preach the virtues of Fuji to me...I own an X-Pro:) With that said, I personally like the 'look' of base iso files from my old M8 better than the Fuji. The XPro1 is an awesome camera though, and the AF 'problems' are way exaggerated IMO.

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Not preaching at all Just commenting that the fuji could have handled blown highlight with appropriate settings whereas the Leica may not. You know what it can do but most readers don't comment but read to learn to help decide. I agree with you 100% about exaggerated AF, its not as good as my DSLR but I have no tangible issues. I read plenty of threads and knew going in what the score was.

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