Focal Zoom Lenses for Lumix GH3?

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Re: Focal Zoom Lenses for Lumix GH3?

mpgxsvcd wrote:

All of these lenses have too small of an aperture for low light indoor shooting. If you have the ability to light the scene yourself then the 14-140mm is the most flexible. It is also very inexpensive if you buy it used. The 100-300mm doesn't cover a similar focal range to the others so that really isn't a fair comparison.

I just sold my 14-140mm on ebay for less than $400 in perfect condition. I sold it because it simply can’t compare to the 35-100mm F2.8 in low light situations and I needed that.

Mpgxsvcd, Thank you for your civilized reply for the second time here and in my previous thread even though I changed my budget twice I am a beginner and this will be my first lens to learn practically and that's why I am taking my time.

The 100-300 is not a fair comparison. The person who suggested it mainly said he used it for interviews to blur background and other effects. I don't think it is on top of my list anyways and shouldn't included it here.

I will consider your advice. I started looking in the used section and there are some interesting picks.

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