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Re: foolishness

liquid stereo wrote:

Thread riddled with pure foolishness. SNR = Signal to noise. Signal in numerator, noise in denominator. Who here can see signal? Who here can see noise? And now convolve the two. Who can see that? Oh, you can't.

Now go to the DPReview image comparison tool. Select JPEG. Look at the X-Pro1, NEX-7, D7000 and 5D2. Check ISO 3200. Select to dog, next to Mickey Mouse. Make sure you can see the text printed on the stuffed animal.

What you see is that the X-Pro1 is superior to all three cameras. Superior how? More signal (detail) and less noise. The Nikon is a little better in the green foliage area but that's about it.

Ok, fair enough. Now do the same thing and set the mode to "RAW". Place the loupe over the woman's printed face. Why are there yellow angled lines going thru her face on the Fuji shot (also visible at ISO200)? The other three don't give this false moire color. Now move the loupe over the Bailey's bottle and the tree printed thereon. Smudged detail from the Fuji, fine per-pixel detail from the other three.

You see. The X-trans has traded one style of moire for another and presents a softening of fine pattern information from its color filtering process/demosaicing, and the only thing CLEARLY dominant is the Fuji JPEG engine vs the other JPEG engines.

There still is no free lunch.

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