NX, vintage lenses and Ebay adapters...any problems?

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Re: NX, vintage lenses and Ebay adapters...any problems?

Timmbits wrote:

Usee wrote:

The Walimex / Samyang F1.4 85 mm (...) is (at least in regard to it's weight) unbalanced on a NX1000 body and therefore unergonomic to use...

...so, I would rather opt for the Samsung F1.4 85 mm if I had to choose...

...about twice the price, but maybe also twice as nice to use.

Wow that Samyang looks enormous! this raises a question that I have... is the Samsung lens, that you say is much smaller than this, a true 85mm? Or is it similar to 85 with some optics tricks? The reason I ask, is that my Samsung 30mm f2 is abnormally small... especially when compared to a legacy 30mm lens (or the Samyang 30mm for that matter).

No trick here, the reason the Samsung 30mm f/2 is so small is the short flange distance of the camera.  An SLR has to revert to a retrofocus lens (inverted telephoto) to get 30mm due to the mirror box.

The Samsung can use a more compact design, and 30mm falls in the range of easiest to make lens for NX mount (usually a bit over the flange distance, like 50mm is cheap on an SLR).

The Samsung 85mm f/1.4 is a huge lens.  It is longer than most SLR 85mm lenses because the shorter flange distance on the camera.

Even a f2.8 opening on an old lens is huge compared to the f2 opening of the Samsung lens... so this is why I cannot help but wonder if there is some trickery involved. When I see such a small opening being fanned out across a larger sensor, are we really getting as much brightness as we think we are? (bokeh aside).

Nope, the 30mm f/2 only needs a 15mm (30 / 2) front lens element, minimum, since it is a traditional design lens.  Again, the SLR lens is a different style lens, which is why it is larger.


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