How much DOF do you like?

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Re: How much DOF do you like?

davel33 wrote:

I like to have enough DOF so everything I want the viewer to focus on is in focus. In this thread I have agree with MAC.

BUT it seems your 135 is front focusing and thats why the f5.6 and higher are sharper. In the 2.2 shot the back half of the dog is not sharp but the snow in front of dog is. If it nailed the focus the 2.2 and the 2.0 would be very nice.

I don't think, it is front-focusing. But you are right, the pic at f2.2 is sharp at the black nose, however at f2, it is tacksharp at the eyes. But at f2, the lens is a tad less sharp than at f2.2 or above.

How in the world do you get your dog to stand still that long, my dane will turn her head the minute she see's me point my camera at her I just about got the perfect shot once, was in the back yard testing my new sigma 50-150 and turned and saw her watching something. I hit the shutter release and got one shot and before I had a chance to adjust the zoom, she turned and it was all gone.

He is quite good in standing still. He knows that I am doing something with the camera and him and that we all like it (my girlfriend was there as well). Usually, when I grab a camera at home, he is immediately hoping that we might go out. He also knows that he has to be quiet, when I tell him, because of a bird or something. This, however, does not always work very well all the time.

But yes, he is my favorite subject, and HE knows it.

Say hi to Ella

She was 8 then which is very old for a Dane, she is still with us

Lovely dog, they are so kind and playful. I love to watch them run...



thats with the 85mm at f1.8

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