worth buying the sony 50mm e mount 1.8 as alternative lens to 18-55 kit lens

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Re: worth buying the sony 50mm e mount 1.8 as alternative lens to 18-55 kit lens

wakkaday wrote:

but the 30mm is not as sharp? and also does thst good have depth of field?

i will also be wanting to record some video with the lens...so is the sigma not as good in this area?

thanks guys

The 30mm is, I believe, the sharpest e-mount lens there is. It will give a thinner depth of field than the kit lens, but the 50mm, with a longer focal length and wider aperture, is in a different league in this reguard.

For video, it depends on what you want to take video of. Indoors 50mm is likely way to tight for video unless you just want talking heads. The Sigma 30mm is a much better all-purpose FOV but it's got a noisy AF motor and no OSS, so for video you'd really be better off with the kit lens at 30mm.

For still photography, I would see how often you use the full zoom of the kit lens, think about what benefit a wider aperture would provide to the sort of photos you take at 50mm, and decide if it's worth the money for that benefit. Obviously the common use case is to get a thin depth of field and flattened perspective for portraits. As others have stated it's considered a nice lens for the money.

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