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Re: Really? "diluted" ... hmmm...

Yes, as I have pointed out a number of times, there appears to a cyclical pattern of something that we interpret as a patch of lines, followed by a fuzzy, faded bit followed by another bit that looks like we imagine ought to be there, followed by another bit that is fuzzy and faded.

If you take a conservative approach and go up the scale to find the point where you get nine clean unambiguous unbroken lines, one would have to conclude that the actual resolution was much lower than is commonly reported. Aliasing is being mistaken for detail. Imaging resource seem to be doing things differently: they report the resolution as nearer 24 than 30MP equiivent - but they are generally quite a bit more conservative than DPR. Reading a chart is a judgement call I guess.

Someone needs to rip an AA filter out of another camera and glue it to a Foveon sensor so we can see what a Foveon image can really do without the aliasing confusing things.

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