How often do you crop?

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Roger Krueger Senior Member • Posts: 2,785
I'll argue taking more time with viewfinder composition is wrong.

soloryb wrote:

No one is arguing that taking more time with viewfinder composition is wrong.

O.K., I will. If it screws up your timing or makes you miss fleeting moments, sure it's wrong.

If it p!sses off portrait subjects so they only have patience for four poses instead of 7, sure it's wrong.

Perfecting in-camera composition sucks up a certain amount of time and attention. When your time and attention are in tightly limited supply the tasks you throw overboard are the tasks you can do later.

Sure, if you've got an 8x10 pointed at a mountain, hey, take all day.

But if you've got a stage diver, guitar smash, interception, slam dunk, bouquet toss, drunk best man, chubby bride with exactly one good angle, etc. you've got way more important tasks to concentrate on.

The stuff you CAN think about later you'd better think about later.

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