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Re: I sometimes wonder

I've personally had more than a few posts written out along the same lines here as the OP and deleted them, because I couldn't get enough of the bitterness out of them. So I congratulate you for having a well-penned post that should serve as a signpost for people who come here looking for valuable advice and tips:

You have to learn to sift through the chaff first.

It's the same BS here that permeates video game forums (xbox vs ps vs wii) and phone forums (android vs apple vs windows), car forums, etc etc. It's almost so off-putting that it's sick. The weeks following the Canon 6D announcement leading up to release almost made me stop reading the forums here (I've lurked for YEARS...). hundreds of instant experts on a camera none of them have touched let alone used. It immediately was called a toy that would fail because of blah blah blah and blah. Fun part, I'm glad I ignored all of it during my upgrade process, because it's a WICKED camera.

The pixel-peeping elitist garbage around here is just...wow. There are people that spend more time on this site complaining about a spec sheet than actually taking photos. And at the end of the day, it's so not about the spec sheet at all. If you don't know basic photography, it doesn't matter if you're shooting a Rebel XSi or a 1Ds. People get so caught up in the model or brand and whatever that it's sad.

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