800mm f/5.6...lighter than 600mm f/4....nice!

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Re: This is about high ISO photography

Telefoto wrote:

None of those shots were indicated as having been shot at base ISO. Do you understand what base ISO is?

Of course but your comments (hence your title) were about high ISO photography and your specifically stated ISO 1000 and higher. I picked a whole bunch of ISO 400 shots which are only 1 step above the base ISO of my DSLRs as examples to show that it can be done.

I mean in my Films days I hated to use ISO 400 or higher films due to the grain but with today's modern DSLRs ISO 400 is nothing.

If you really want I can dig up plenty of ISO 200 shots of action with the lens but really don't see the point. The 800mm lens has been my main wildlife lens for around 4 years or so now and sorry but actions shots at ISO 1000 and above are the exception, not the norm in my experience. Hence from my experience your original comments are wrong. Have you even used any thing near this focal length? If so then maybe we can give you some helpful hints on how to get the shots you want at a lower ISO if 1000 and higher is the norm for you.

Heck here is a per pixel size crop of a hawk's head taken with that lens at ISO 400 and just quickly sharpened. Any noise in that clear blue background is perfectly fine to me.

Another ISO 400 shot

In some ways ISO 400 with a DSLR is today's equivalent to the ISO 50 films of yesteryears....

Of course I can go into my archives and pull up plenty of ISO 200 shots if you want. But as of a late I find ISO 400 to yield perfectly outstanding shots that I can crop and print with little to no degradation of the quality so even this old lover of Velvia 40 finds himself not yearning for those super slow ISOs anymore. Let me know if I can help you with your technique issues, if there are any...

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