Wide angles? What's the deal?

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Re: Wide angles? What's the deal?

Seeing several mentions of distortion, I thought it important to mention that ultra-wides must be used correctly to minimize distortion. One basic thing to remember is that if the lens is not level, vertical objects will appear to be leaning inward or outward. Parallel horizontal lines, such as the outside wall of a building, will look better if the camera is not perpendicular to the wall, on the horizontal plane. (The typical "barrel" and "pincushion" distortion, at the wide and long ends, respectively, common to virtually all zoom lenses, will still exist, of course, with the amount depending upon the individual model of lens.) The characteristics inherent to UWA lenses can, of course, be used creatively, by not shooting with the camera held level; that is part of the fun of using UWAs.

I know that mentioning him here is controversial, but Ken Rockwell's site has a good tutorial on using UWA lenses, and quite good write-ups on several individual UWA lenses. Many think of him as Nikon-centric, but he has actually favored Canon UWAs for quite some time.

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