Dipper with Bressner 1000mm mirror lens

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Dipper with Bressner 1000mm mirror lens

A bit extreme combination - Bressner 1000mm f10 with Oly EP3, half-cloudy weather and a fast-moving little bird, the European Dipper. This one was quite frendly, anyway, and moved quite calmly.

Equipment and settings:

Ep3, remote release, ISO 800, Auto WB,  EVF2. Bressner 1000mm f10 mirror (looks very, very much like Rubinar or MTO 1000mm f10...) M42 to FT mount adapter + MMF1. Heavy tripod ( Manfrotto #028) with good video head ( Manfrotto #136). Unfortunately the tripod had to be on snow and ice, but this was a real word test... Anyway, the blurring is not because of the tripod. RAW, CaptureOne and some post prosessing. Most shots are not cropped or just squared with full height.

The results and comments:

Extreme. DO NOTexpect 100% keepers. Not even 10%. Maybe 1%? Maybe.

When everything gets right, the images turn still out soft. The contrast is low overall, and colors are bit washed out. Microcontrast is also low - but rising the clarity in post prosessing makes the photos look much better.

DOF.... What dof? There is none within reasonable shooting distances.

BOKEH... Smoother than what I expeced in these shots. No rings this time, but the reason is in the low light angle and quite easy background.

F10... This is as fast as it gets. And as slow. You need enough light and high iso. And slow subject.

Aiming, Focusing and framing:

I tried to use the magnified view. Not a chance. It was already hard to find the bird into the frame with 100% view... Maybe focus peeking (or peeping...) would have made the focusing easier, but there are none.

The focus ring is large and slow, and quite hard to turn - but it was cold, -6 centigrade. Maybe easier at summer.

When the bird decided to come close (about 10m) it was also difficult to frame keeping the whole bird in view. And this is not a large bird.

These are not out of the camera photos, but they are made the way I usually develop and post prosess my photos - so, about as good as I can get out from this lens. Compared with normal prosessing, there now had to be more push in contrast, saturation and clarity levels. Also more sharpening was needed. That was expected. I also had to adjust white balance a bit - the Russian lenses greenish tone started to come through. A skylight filter would have done the trick.

The combination - 1000mm lens with heavy tripod - is not something you want to carry around for "just in case something happens". This lens needs lots of light and quite heavy contrast to get out most of the things you want to get. And even then, it is easy to be disappointed. This lens was sold as a telescope - maybe I have to aim it to the stars...

Jouko Lehto: The Dipper

Jouko Lehto: The Dipper

Jouko Lehto: The Dipper

And a couple with 50-200, handheld, about the same situation. Cropped a bit.

Jouko Lehto: The Dipper

Jouko Lehto: The Dipper

Thanks for looking. Comments and critics welcome.

PS. I don't know how I got the centering on in the first columns...

'The best camera in the world is the one you have with you when you need it'

Olympus PEN E-P3
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Flat view
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