PENTAX - Why Are They Interested in Extremes?

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Re: Problem with Amazon sales figures...

viking79 wrote:

The problem with Amazon sales figures, they don't group the different bundles together (For example 6d kit will be separate from 6d body, etc).

Has the 6d much higher than above

Has the A99 at #68

Your list of Camera and Photo is misleading, as that has a lot of other stuff in it. No one expects an RX1 to sell as well as a Canon 6D.

The only way to get meaningful info from their sales charts is to know the actual number of sales behind them, and add up for all models that are different item numbers, but same camera body.


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Bundles not being grouped together surely prooves my point even more with reguards to the RX1 since I only listed the bodies for the D600 and 6D and the bundles with kit lenses push them even further ahead.

If you want to compair DSLR's alone then this seems the best list to me....

The Canon and Nikon bodies way way higher than the a99 which doesnt seem to have any bundles.

That said I spose Pentax are in a slightly different situation with reguards to the way the brand is viewed, Sony still has the "betamax/minidisc" aura for alot of people IMHO where as while Pentax might go under I'm guessing more people believe they'd support a FF system until they did.

The real issue for me is what can Pentax really bring to the market? with ASPC DSLR's the K-5 ands its forebares are something different to any of the alternatives, not because they offer some new tech like SLT's that many may not like but in the combination of size, build and existing tech. With FF it seems to me that Nikon and Canon have gotten their first with reguards to small well built bodies.

The only thing that really springs to mind for me is the D800 sensor in a lower speced/smaller/cheaper body and perhaps more importantly a standard zoom that really exploits it without being too expensive.

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