Product Photography Lighting Question

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Re: Product Photography Lighting Question

Hugowolf wrote:

HGrant wrote:

Hi everyone!

I am an amateur photographing relatively large surfaces often with a glossy finish such as LP record albums.

Are you photographing albums or album covers?

If you are photographing album covers, then to elaborate on what Klaus siad, the setup should be the same as any other art rerpro: Two lights at about 45° to the surface, equidistant from the work both horizontally and vertically, lights feathered so that the right light is aimed at the left edge, and the left light is aimed at the right edge. But you will need the lights to be a few feet away, not a few inches.

Softboxes are not a good idea for this.

Brian A

OK, great. Thanks Brian. Seems to be a consensus then to just get some stands and place the Ego lights away off the table.

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