E-M5 | Absolute Best Settings for Big Landscapes

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E-M5 | Absolute Best Settings for Big Landscapes

I'm taking a trip soon to the Desert Southwest. Lots of opportunity to take pretty desert landscape photos.  Many will be around sunset and sunrise. Since I'm still learning my E-M5, I figured I would solicit input on the best settings for the camera to ensure the best digital negatives possible.

A few notes:

* I'll be shooting on a tripod with a remote shutter release.

* I plan to use a polarizing filter where appropriate.

* I plan to process the images through LR, so I'm looking for the best quality RAW files, not the best finished product (or I'd just shoot JPEG).

So, with that aside, is any of this incorrect?

* Use .ORF rather than .DNG.

* IBIS off / tripod mode selected.

* Anti-shock on.

* Noise reduction off.

* ISO 200.

* Stop down aperture to optimum sharpness depending on lens, but stay above f/8 no matter what to avoid diffraction.

Am I missing something? I know there are some tricks buried in various E-M5 menus, and I'd hate to overlook anything helpful on a trip with so many opportunities.

Thanks much for any guidance.

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