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Re: Softbox is not the answer

Klaus dk wrote:

The point is to get the lights far away from the subject, so that falloff is not a problem. If you are photographing 2-dimensional objects like you describe, hard shadows will not be a problem, so a softbox will just make it hard for you to avoid speculars.

Place the lights at a 45 degree angle to the subject, so reflections of the lights in the surface is aimed away from the lens. If the falloff vertically is a problem, you might use two or three lights on each side.

Thank you Klaus. I was just thinking that a softbox with continuous high CRI CFL over the object might help because the room is lit a bit dimly with standard shop lights. And, it might fill in the middle of the shot better (that would be the hope, anyway). You could very well be right that it's not needed though, I certainly would not know without buying and trying it, which is why I'm here asking you guys.

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