"permanent" backup solution

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Re: "permanent" backup solution

Unfortunately there's no such thing as a permanent solution. In the good or bad days of film. we has a physical negative or positive that although fragile and subject to aging, if stored well would at least be there. In digital there's no actual physical record unless you feel that a CD or DVD is such a thing.

My way of minimizing losses is as follow: I shoot a job RAW and back it up on 2 DVDs of different brands. When I edit the images, I burn another 2 DVD's of different brands. I use a normal database to indicate where the data is at. The data is sored in different places.  I number each DVD. If this weren't enough, I store the Raw files and the edited files on external USB hard drives. It is a real pain but this will afford me some peace of mind. Later on, after the job sort of ages, I erase the files from my internal hard disk. Since I began digital in 2001, I have hundreds of "old optical" disks. Recently, I began looking at them and I have not lost any data. Nevertheless. I have begun to copy the oldest ones. Perhaps I'm nuts but what else can I do. It is really a hard and long process but a necessary one, I'm afraid.

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