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Re: Product Photography Lighting Question

AlbertInFrance wrote:

I'm really puzzled about why you have your lights so close to your subject. Do you live in a closet?

Pretty much

From what you've said the problem seems to be that you are trying to stand the lights on the same table as your subject.

Yes, they are on the same table.

If that's the case then just try hooking the lights on the backs of chairs, or whatever, as an experiment.

I can't see any real reason to change those lights. You just need to get them further away. If you get a couple of cheap stands you could hook your egos on to them without needing a boom, so they should be pretty stable. Get the lights about 3 feet in front of the subject and the same distance sideways. That should help a lot.

I might be able to do that, it will be cramped but we shall see. I think they would end up about 3 feet away from the subject but only about 2 feet to the sides. Would be much farther away than they are now, however.

Could you post one of your failed shots, plus a view showing your whole setup?

I'll try to do that later today.

Thank you Albert.

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