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Re: 5N DMF Problem

Jeff Kott wrote:

I've been struggling with the 5N manual and can't sort out my issue. I've had my 5N for a while, but just got the 35 SEL as my first autofocus lens for my NEXs.

I've got my 5N set to "DMF" under AF/MF Select and MF Assist set to "on," but when I turn the focusing ring on my 5N I don't get image magnification unless I hold the shutter button half way down. The problem is that after I focus with magnified view if I want to check my composition before engaging the shutter, AF gets reactivated when I take my finger off the shutter to exit magnified view.

With the same lens on my NEX 7 in DMF mode I get magnified view just by turning the lens focus ring without having to hold the shutter button down. Then when I press the shutter half way, I exit magnified view, I can check my composition without the AF being activated and take my photo.

What do I need to do to get the 5N to function in DMF mode like my NEX 7?

Thanks in advance for your advice. I'm sure I'm missing something really obvious.

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Jeff Kott

I have the 5r, and this is an annoying usage issue as well.

I know my 5r has the option to set how long it stays zoomed in (yours probably has this?). So I have that set to two seconds. I use AF, I adjust with the ring and it zooms in, I stop messing with the zoom for two seconds, it returns to normal view, then I check my composition, and then take the picture. An option to take this down to .5 or .25 seconds would be REALLY nice.

Most of my primes are older lenses with mechanical focus so I stay in MF mode, and can usually focus faster using peaking than I can using DMF.

If I am shooting moving subjects with an AF lens and don't have time to wait the two seconds I will usually turn the zoom option off, use AF, adjust with DMF and just use the full image to check my focus and composition in a faction of the time it takes to use the MF assist.

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