“Full Frame Equivalence” and Why It Doesn’t Matter

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How did we ever maange to take a decent picture in the old days?

Steve D Yue wrote:

for my use, i prefer FF 24mm f1.4 (24/1.4=17mm aperture diameter)

what mft lens will offer me identical FoV (12mm) and DoF (17mm aperture diameter?) 12mm/17mm = f0.7?


i do NOT care that such an imaginary mft 12mm lens offers me f0.7 light value [+1 full stop] advantage, and that's what the blog points out (no FF shooter would care either), but as an FF shooter, i DO care for mft NOT having the f/0.7 option for DoF available at all (lens doesn't exist)!!!

so? FF is the only solution; mft isn't one at all for DoF flexibility.

Well, and there we go. How on earth did we manage to take a decent picture in the old days with our lowly f3.5 24s? No such thing as an f1.4 24 existed for 35mm cams in the 1960s, but somehow we managed to get a picture! And, of course, we didn’t have anything even remotely like the PP available today. But again, we managed to get a picture.

And FF is the ONLY solution? Piffle! FF is far too small to get real quality and real DOF control.

I cut my teeth on 6x6cm, and bring back 5x4in, I say!


Enjoy your photogorahy, Steve D Yue -- I would love to see some of your f1.4 24mm FF pix so I can make my own judgement about whether your huff and puff is worthwhile.

FF the only solution. Double ROFL.

Cheers, geoff

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