35mm 1.8 OSS Test

Started Jan 18, 2013 | Discussions thread
losangeles Contributing Member • Posts: 655
New firmware!!

Hey Lee, I'd be very curious to hear if you find any improvements to the in-camera processed jpegs after the firmware update that came out today? Please let us know!!!

Lee W wrote:

losangeles wrote:

I see. What about the NEX's in camera JPEG processing? How does it compare to that you achieved with LR4


Good question, so I have just done a quick LR4 processed raw vs jpeg (in-camera processing) test.

As you can see, LR4 can do a much better job than the in-camera processing engine. In LR4 you can remove all CA, extract more detail & do a much better job adding contrast.

Best viewed at 100%.

Hope this helps,


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