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Re: Starting with Leica? - literally

txagib wrote:

In short, I have no prior photography experience other than basic P&S cameras. I would like to start taking my photography more seriously and am wondering whether or not I am ignorant to jump right in to the Leica M system?

Like many of you, I am somewhat obsessed with the Leica brand and with their cameras (from afar). For the past 5 years or so I have religiously followed the Leica forums. I have studied the cameras, lenses, and various styles of the posters.

I am very tempted to purchase the new Leica M and a lens to start. Should I do this or should I start somewhere else and 'work' my way up? My wife thinks I'm crazy for wanting to start with such expensive equipment from the beginning.

Thank you in advance for your advice.

Why not try something like the new FujiFilm X100S and learn on that camera for a fraction of the price?

It sounds like you want an OBJECT which you have fetishized rather than a photographic tool.

For many, romantic images of Henri Cartier-Bresson swirl in their heads, but what made him great wasn't his choice of tools but his experience and talent. I own a Mont Blanc but sadly that doesn't help me write like Hemingway. I also own an original Fender that I can't play very well.

A great artist could produce incredible images on an entry level SLR.

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