Another strange bug with D4, possibly D800!?!?

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Re: Another strange bug with D4, possibly D800!?!?

Hi Roland I agree with you but unfortunately at the moment Nikon are ignoring obvious and glaring mistakes made on their cameras. The users just get answers like "We will inform Japan" or "really we didn't know that". The best one I had was from the NPS in an email I sent about another glitch in their firmware, the answer was " We might fix it or not". Cool Eh?


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Hi John,

in Germany it´s not THAT complicated. They have three tries to fix a problem, if they fail they get the item back!

Here we again have problem, a function that is described in the manual but not working as specificated. Same is with live view in M mode that was working with D3/D3s but not any more with D4/D800 for about one year now.

I paid nearly 5500€ for this premium class camera, every € was ok, now give me a camera that is also ok!

It´s mostly a hobby for me, I don´t earn (much) money with these "toys". If they don´t get all this stuff working flawlessly soon they get it back, and me my money. Enough already!!

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