Picture Style Settings...more than meets the eye?

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Re: yes, much more than the levels displayed in the camera's menu.

RobBobW wrote:

billythek wrote:

In my opinion, unless you want to use JPEGs straight from the camera, picture styles are pointless. Presumably, you are shooting RAW because you want to do better than the post-processing in the JPEG engine embedded in the camera, not duplicate the same image the camera can produce in a split second using it's limited on-board computer.

I am indeed shooting RAW in order to get the most out of my images. I was NOT expecting colour shifting due to the Landscape picture style as that information was NOT provided in the camera manual. In most circumstances, my RAW engine does a great job in processing my images and allowing me to make the changes I desire to maximize image quality. However, there are certain kinds of scenes in which the default RAW processing gives a substantially poorer image than the limited on-board computer. I was trying to understand the cause of this behaviour in order to correct it.

I had mistakenly believed from the Canon manual that the only change introduced to JPEG images from the Landscape Picture Style was an increase in sharpness, knowing full well that this would not change the sharpness in the RAW files, but at the same time, expecting that the colour in the RAW and JPEG preview would look substantially the same as there was no indication that saturation, contrast or tone settings were modified.

As near as I have put it together, The effect I was seeing was a result of a lack of information about the changes introduced by the Landscape picture style as well as an overly aggressive default Boost setting in my Raw engine in post processing. I will be making changes to my workflow to account for this new information.

Thank you to those of you who helped explain what goes on under the hood of Picture Styles.

In fairness page 130  of the 5DIII manual does say "Landscape - For vivid blues and greens, and very sharp and crisp images. Effective for impressive landscapes."

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