Why no medium format camera forum here?

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An argument against deletion, but not for creation...

chooflaki wrote:

DenWil wrote:

chooflaki wrote:

How come there is no MF forum here for the likes of Hasselblad, Mamiya, Phase 1 etc? They do make digital cameras.

With over fifty forums including some covering some conceivably fringe areas of photography it is a bit ironic that there is not a MF camera forum. The upkeep for one more forum would seemingly make adding it a non issue.

It is possible the math has been done and there's no profit in launching a forum which may marginalize folks who routinely express more concern over pocket-ability than substance, and whose usage is less demanding than ad pros or pro artists. Folks who believe the only difference between MF and a hi MP sensor in a 35mm size body is the weight and convenience.

My sentiments are similar. There are still sub forums for Kodak DSLR's, Casio and Konica Minolta. Very slow traffic but interesting to visit.

True. But all those forums were created when the interest in those brands was considerably higher than it is now. dpReview has only once, to my knowledge, deleted a forum whose activity level got too low.

However, if those forums didn't exist now, with the current level of interest, they would not be created at all. You've made a case against deletion of existing, low traffic fora, but not a case for the creation of new ones.

An MF sub forum to cover all brands and perhaps including specialist photographic gear like copy cameras, aerial cameras etc will surely generate a decent amount of traffic.

No, "surely", it wouldn't. The new specialty fora didn't generate substantially more traffic than the we had before, they just segregated it. The traffic was  already there. Like I said before, there are literally hundreds of other "fringe" topics you could split off into splinter groups and get more traffic than medium format. The only thing I see going on with medium format fans (not all of them, just enough to be annoying) is an overly large sense of entitlement.

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