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Reimar Gaertner
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Re: If your D800 doesnt cut it...

Steve Bingham wrote:

Reimar Gaertner wrote:

I'm a full-time photographer

. . . and a damned good one, at that. Your AF is fixable.

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Steve Bingham

Thank you Steve.

Maybe it is.  I had my first D800E in the shop four times without a fix for the left AF issue.  My replacement D800E was not much better, and got fixed once.  Needing a +17 fine tune adjustment strikes me as too much.  Even at f5.6 or so, there are times when I can tell the camera missed an easy contrasty target.  It may be because I am very picky.  Like most stock houses, I evaluate at 100%.  The 36 Mp makes it even easier to evaluate (but harder to nail) focus.

If there enough other goodies in the D4x in addition to rock solid AF performance, I may bite.

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