7D AF in AI SERVO (photos included)

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Re: 7D AF in AI SERVO (photos included)

TTMartin wrote:

In looking at your photos where you are saying the focus changed, I'm not seeing a change in focus.

Instead I'm seeing no area that is sharp. In other words, camera shake or something else impacting the overall sharpness of the photo.

If it is a change in focus, somewhere in the photo will be sharply in focus. (just not where you want it) I'm not seeing that sharp in focus area (but in the wrong place) on your 'bad focus' photos.

Interesting point, I also thought (one some photos, not all of them) that there is actually nothing in focus.

But I can't believe that would be due to camera shake. The camera was on tripod and altough I did not use mirror lockup, I think that motion blur would look different - this really looks a lot like "wrong focus" blur - you can see that the chromatic aberation (green and purple) is coming out on the photos that I marked as "badly" focused - that wouldn't happen if it was only motion blur!

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