New Epson r3000 prints darker than old Epson 4000

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Bruce Oudekerk
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Re: New Epson r3000 prints darker than old Epson 4000

jtoolman wrote:

When I print with the printer driver ( rare ) I set the GAMMA to 2.2. Gamma 1.8 if for MACs. WHY? Becuase MAC displays are really, really right ( Your problem still ) So you are telling the printer by using Gamma 1.8 it to artificially lighten the print for you so it will look closer to your incorrectly set monitor. SUre it works but it's really not correct.

I do hope you are not editing and saving back to your original image file. Which will irreversably affect the tone mapping of your image file.

So when you do switch to 3rd party papers and they provide you will an ICC profile for it and your printer's inks, you will not longer be able to use your work workaround. Eventually you will have to hardware calibrate your monitor.

There is simply no way around it. You have printer fully capable of full proffessional quality output but instead your are printing with it as if you were printing from a cheap little 6 color office printer by using the printer driver having to use the wrong Gamma in order to make do, instead of a proper color managed work flow.


I couldn’t agree more.  And I suspect that if the OP tries letting PS manage the colors the problem will return with a vengeance even if all print dialog setting are OK.

But there is still some confusion on my part as to what has really occurred.  If the gamma is set to 1.8 and the driver is artificially lightening the print for a PC…how come a virgin evaluation test image printed OK???

If this is the case, I have to assume one of three things.  The OP never actually printed an unadulterated image OR the driver is smart enough to compensate for such a gamma mismatch…which I doubt.  If it was, then it would do so with a 2.2 gamma also  But if this evaluation image was printed successfully then that rules out the monitor being an issue (but I believe you are correct and it is an issue)  Basically this whole paragraph states that I don't see how a GOOD test/evaluation image could print using Gamma 1.8 on a PC and thus my confusion.

I still think that before the OP buys the calibration equipment, a MANUAL monitor adjustment should be made as I stated below in my post of a few days ago.  Basically it describes printing an unadulterated known-good evaluation image and then adjusting the contrast/brightness of the monitor to the print.  However, as you point out, the print should be made with a gamma of 2.2 when using a PC.  At that point, I think that letting PS manage the colors would be appropriate and THEN the use of calibration equipment would be warranted.

I didn’t want to raise this point for fear of confusion and frustration, but we have no idea of what sort of monitor is being used.  I’m convinced that some, or perhaps most, TN panel LCD monitors won’t come into decent compliance.


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