Usefull experiment.. ! (D700... D3s.. D3X....D4... D800)

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Re: Usefull experiment.. ! (D700... D3s.. D3X....D4... D800)

Daniel Lauring wrote:

rayman 2 wrote:

If you look at the files from the test setup from Dpreview in raw and process them

side by side at lets say 3200 iso or 6400 iso in Lightroom.. so that the noise JUST goes away..

Not quite understanding what you are saying here. Are you viewing the files at the same output size on the screen?

Higher megapixel sensors, with smaller individual pixels (say the D800 vs. D600) can have similar high ISO performance, despite the higher megapixel sensor having more noise at the pixel level, because it also has more pixels to average that noise over. You basically have a smaller noise grain because you have smaller grain.

You also have to factor in technical advancement too. Like 3-4 years of technology means that the d800 or d600 has less noise at a pixel level than the d700. The best comparison really is d800 vs d4 since they are the same "era".

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