Second time's a charm!

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Re: Second time's a charm!

Shirozina wrote:

My 12-35 is going back - at wide settings at infinity the frame edges and not up to acceptable standard for this class of lens. This has been reported in a few reviews so it may be a 'character' of the lens but as it stands I'm not convinced as I've seen sample pictures not showing this. If it comes back with 'within manufacturers tolerances ' I 'll sell it on an try another and another until I get one I'm happy with. Everything else about this lens is very good and I'm not going to give up just because of sample variation.

Sounds right.  My 14-150 is tack sharp in the center, so that's obviously not very hard to pull off.  I would expect the 12-35 to be sharp all over.  If it's not, why bother with the higher cost?  The increased aperture alone doesn't justify it.  The lens should be excellent by all measures for $1,100.

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